Eine Trauung mal anders

No cookie-cutter

Creativity – Naturalness – Personality

Since the age of 8, I speak and sing in front of the audience in various  plays and musicals. Also I am a certified teacher of respiration, speech and voice and I’ve been traveling as an instructor in several institutions. I love this diversified and creative work and I love even more, to share my knowledge and competence in the wonderful context of a wedding. For me the most important element is naturalness. The magic moment in which two people are saying YES to each other is touching, very personal and trendsetting.

My focus is to create a ceremony in which you can both identify yourself – as a couple and as an individual person.

Therefor it is always a challenge and at the same time a delight to be writing your personal individualized speech.

The speech evolves from a questionnaire, that each of you fills out without peeking what the other one writes down. Then you  send them back to me and I can start with the speech. That is one element of how your personal wedding speech develops.

By demand I am glad to hand it out to you afterwards for good memories.