Saying YES!

One of the probably most touching wedding-moments is when you say “Yes, I do!”

Just “Yes”? Can’t we have something else but “…until death do us apart.”?  – There are so many different ways to say “Yes” to each other. We don’t have to be too traditional but still be romantic and honest. Or would you like it to be even more different, maybe more informal? No matter how you like it, as your wedding speaker I will create your personal phrase together with you.

How do you want to say “Yes”?

There are also different ways to arrange the wedding vow.

The probably most touching version of your vows is when each of you creates and writes own vows. But you will need time and sensibility for that – and also a pinch of courage. If you feel lost, I am glad to help you finding the right words. However, if you find this version too risky, I can prepare the vow for you and you can repeat the words after me. Or do you want it the conventional way and let me ask you that most important question where you only have to say “Yes, I do!”?

The arrangement all around the “Yes, I do” is mostly combined with the exchange of your wedding rings, or something similar symbolic.

WHO should bring the rings – the best man, the little niece, the son, your dog, or an eagle?! WHEN should we include another ritual? – at the beginning of the ceremony, before the vows or after the Kiss? HOW will the rings be introduced? – It mustn’t  always have to be the conventional pillow.

Gold rings at the beach on a seashell North Sea Coast


Take your time to find what represents you as a couple best.